Coming up !! Coming up !! International Kente Festival 2017 | Dated: 25th- 26th- 27th of August 2017 ★★ 25th of August 2017 @ Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Steintorplatz Hamburg ★★ 26th of August 2017 @ University of Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 2, 20146 Hamburg ★★


Health is an Issue that concerns us all, and makes no difference between Race, Age or Gender. Thats why it is even more important to not let Language and Origin become a Barriere that makes a difference. Therefore AGNA organize and offers on different Levels Help to Health Issues, that try to educate and minimize risks, but also to Help and Support in Topics of Healthe where Language and Origin makes a difference.

Our Health Education Initiative Healthy Living- Avoiding Cardiovascular Risks offers ideas and support to people with African migration background living in Germany to help them maintain and enhance their health and capabilities. Focus is on the risks and resources concerning Health. The initiative encourages people to incorporate healthy nutrition, sports and physical activity as well as general issues in their everyday life. Background information as well as practical ideas and examples are presented at our congresses. Through the cooperation of many interested organizations and individuals, a sustainable and exemplary network for health education is formed to is gathere and provide further ideas.
Our the Health Day´s focus on various issues which are important for preventing and minimizing Health risks in every-day life, such as medication, examination, dr. visits, nutrition, physical activity and sport. For the initiator AGNA e.V. Hamburg, it is important that people are aware of the fact that there are experts with African migration background whom they can contact for advice and support on these issues. The special feature of this event is the combination of theoretical topics and the focus on ‘on-the-spot counseling’ on various aspects surrounding topics such as residential status, social situation, which are important for living healthily in our citys. To round up everything, participants will have the opportunity to taste some healthy cooked African food, listen to music and join in some dancing.