Coming up !! Coming up !! International Kente Festival 2017 | Dated: 25th- 26th- 27th of August 2017 ★★ 25th of August 2017 @ Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Steintorplatz Hamburg ★★ 26th of August 2017 @ University of Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 2, 20146 Hamburg ★★


“providing educational opportunities for everyone“

Education is an essential good to achieve a human, successful and free life. Education promotes democracy, peace, tolerance and sustainable development. It also makes it possible the fight against poverty and child labor.

There are still people in Germany who are not provided with equal access to educational offerings like school, initial vocational training, university studies and continuing education and training.

African German Network Association is glad to have set up a program to help you, families, students and university students over bridge the barriers or identify opportunities in education and educational institutions.

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Education is the key to the future.